Micro Pump Product Introduction-C30 Series Brushless Motor Diaphragm Sampling Vacuum Pump

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C30 Series Brushless Motor Diaphragm Sampling Vacuum Pump
The C30 series miniature air pump is a compact vacuum pump with integrated speed and flow control function. Connecting to its suction port can realize the function of pumping or vacuuming.
The main application areas include: gas analysis, environmental testing, laser equipment, biochemical medicine and lab equipment, etc.
Especially suitable for: gas collection or analysis fields with a flow rate of 4-6L/min and unobstructed exhaust. This model has good air tightness, high reliability and supports remote control.

■Equipped with LCD touch screen and frequency speed control signal input control port
■No-load average flow: 1.6L/min~2.4L/min
■Relative vacuum: -30kPa~-35kPa
■Overall life: premium version>10000hrs
■Input volta